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recipe, cuisine for Japanese food, Japanese vegitable

  • recipe with Japanese tomato

    recipe with Japanese tomato

    The blessing of the sun. Rich source of lycopene that has antioxidant properties.

  • recipe with Japanese potato

    recipe with Japanese potato

    One vegetable that is abundant throughout the year. Great source of vitamin C.

  • recipe with Japanese cabbage

    recipe with Japanese cabbage

    Very popular vegetable. Source of vitamin U that protects a stomach's mucous membrane.

  • recipe with Japanese eggplant

    recipe with Japanese eggplant

    An ideal summer vegetable. The violet color is Nasunin which is one of Anthocyanin.

  • Japanese recipe with green pepper

    The sweetness is intensified by roasting. Source of vitamin C.

  • Japanese recipe with chinese cabbage

    Japanese recipe with chinese cabbage

    A necessity for Nabe that is very famous dish in winter season.

  • Japanese recipe with carrot

    recipe with Japanese carrot

    The tipical dark-yellow vegetable. It contains Vitamin E and beta carotene.

  • Japanese recipe asparagus

    Japanese recipe asparagus

    Source of asparagine that is effective in relieving fatigue.

latest recipe, cuisine for Japanese food, Japanese vegitable

stir-fried potato and pork in sesame oil

Enjoy nice combination potato and pork, as well asn the aroma of sesame oil.

Stir-fried okra
with chirimen jako (dried small young sardines)

Very simple stir-fried dish suitable as an accompaniment with rice or beer.

rolled asparagus in pork

A very simple recipe. Please enjoy rolled asparagus in pork!

Japanese Taro Tumbles

This popular Japanese Taro dish reminds of hometown. Potatoes can also be used as a substitute for taros. But since potatoes lose their shape easily, additional care is required when simmering.

Sweet and salty flavor ! Simmered Pumpkin

This is very popular simmered dish with the soft texture of pumpkin.

stir-fried cabbage in butter on rice

Fried cabbage in butter is tasty. Put stir-fried cabbage and sunny-side up egg on hot rice and pour soy sauce on it.

Braised Meat and Potatoes (Niku-Jaga)

This simmered dish is considered the epitome of home cooking in Japan. Fatty meat will add more flavor to the dish than lean meat.

sweet and tasty cabbage dressed with sesame

Sweet cabbage goes well with sweet sesame dressing. This healthy and simple japanese dish is popular.