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Perilla (shiso) and Dried White Bait Cold Pasta

A cold pasta dish most suitable for a hot and sticky summer.

Cold Chinese Noodles

This dish is especially delightful on hot, humid summer days.

cold tomato pasta with soy sauce

Soy sauce is wonderful accompaniment to olive oil.

Kidney beans with plum mayonnaise

A quick and healthy dish. The tartness of the plums stimulates the appetite!

Tomato and Pork with Grated Radish

A dish most suitable for a hot and sticky summer. Enjoy the unique fresh aroma of yuzukosyou.

field mustard dressed with mustard mayonnaise

Irresistible flavor and texture of field mustard (nanohana).

Japanese Potato Croquette縲

Very popular prepared food in butcher shop. But the taste is even nicer if they are cooked at home.

Boiled Daikon Radish with Miso Sauce

Enjoying this traditional japanese dish with the aroma of yuzu and white miso.

Stir-fried okra
with chirimen jako (dried small young sardines)

Very simple stir-fried dish suitable as an accompaniment with rice or beer.

Japanese Taro Tumbles

This popular Japanese Taro dish reminds of hometown. Potatoes can also be used as a substitute for taros. But since potatoes lose their shape easily, additional care is required when simmering.